July 06, 2015

What I'm up to tonight :-)

I'm working on some tabletop theatre wooden puppets for fairytale-telling in the kindergarden where I work. It' a lot of fun to make these little caracters :-) I purchased them in halfs, and had to glue them together. Then I filled the gaps with some putty and a lot of sanding! I will need some more puppets, because every storyteller must have lots of caracters in the play. For now I have a wolf, a princess, a king, a queen and maybe a prince. I will also make a witch and a hunter. 
My idea is to make a very easy dress pattern, and sew several different dresses, and some wigs.
In this way I can customize the story, and make new caracters every time! 
I went to the public library today, and borrowed a book with russian farytales! I love their take on the witch caracter: Baba Yaga! I will find a way of telling the little children about her! She is amazing. More on that later! 

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