July 09, 2015

The witch sisters Part 1

I´m home alone tonight. Hanging out in the basement studio, having fun with paper clay, watching The Sopranos on HBO (mostly I just listen to the tv) and waiting for my frozen vegetarian pizza to come out of the oven ;-).

Tonight I´m working on a witch bust project. I recently found these nice old wooden thread spools in a gift shop, and I bought them to make the busts. I´m planning on 3 pieces, and right now I am working out the wooden armature. I found this picture from Moonhallow Vintage:

This is the style I´m going for. My dolls never look like the one on the picture, but you get my basic idea. 

I used the wooden thread spoole, flowerstick. white woodglue and some news paper. 

I use the newspaper to stabilize the flowerstick inside the thread spoole. 

A rubber band is also holding the wooden ball in place while the armature is drying.


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