February 26, 2017

Medicin Doll

I have started working with making dolls on another level than before. I´m making medicin dolls and are attending a year long course with the wonderful teacher Barb Kobe. It is a wonderful proces.
This is the first doll in a series of 6. She is The Guardian. I haven´t come up with her name yet, but she is a very old, wise woman. She is the protector.
It has been a very special creative proces until now. I don't just make her out of my imagination. I ask myself through intuition, dreams and feelings. I try to work with the inner feeling guiding me in the direction of healing. This is the medicin doll way.

I am working with paperclay. The brand is Creative Paperclay. It is hard to find here in Denmark, so I have to order it from USA. That makes it very expensive, but I really like this clay, so it is worth the money. It hold the details nicely and becomes very hard and durable after curing.

I thought I would show you how I make hands. There are many ways of making hands, and for a long time, I found it very hard and frustrating, because it was difficult to make them identical. They never looked like my drawing. At a puppet workshop, I was tought to make the armature from styrofoam and small pipe cleaners. It is quite easy. At this picture you can see that I have cut out two identical small squares of styrofoam. This is the size of her palms. Then I cut the pipe cleaners in different lenghts. I use my own hand as reference. After this, I glue them into the styrofoam, and let it dry completely.

After it is dried, I take a little portion of the papierclay, and add some water to it in a little bowl. It becomes liquid, and then I paint it on the entire hand. After drying again, I can add small pieces of clay, and use my sculpting tool to smooth and sculpt the hand.

This dolls hands are supposed to be quite big, because they are a part of her symbolisme.

I will make her feets without the styrofoam, They need some weight. Perhaps I will put some lead in them. Don´t know yet.

This is not just an art doll. Itis not supposed to be sculpted entirely with clay. It has another purpose, and therefore I need to change my normal way of making it.

I like to make the body proportions correct. I am a little perfectionistic.
I think I have to throw this habit out the window in this creative proces, because it is not helping me much. Too much thinking is not helping. It is leading me astray.

I was thinking about this for some time. How could I let go of my perfectionisme, and insted try to follow the creative proces? Should I make her with just natural materials like twigs and such? Should I make her as a paperdoll? Would she be an abstract version? Symbolic? Surreal?

I had an inner picture of her, but my feelings kept telling me to go in another direction. My inner picture was an old hag, living deep in the ground, heavy, grey and with dark colored, coarse clothing. This was the doll I wanted to make. But my feelings kept on showing me another version: lighter, happier and much more colorfull. I saw bright blue and yellow with green. Not dark blue and grey.... This version had another feeling than the first one. I had a little difficulties changing my original idea... Do you know what I´m talking about here?
Killing your Darling is very hard, right? I could write a long blog post about that....

Of course I will follow my feelings. That is the sole purpose of my intention of making this medicin doll. Of course I will make her younger, lighter and brighter if my feelings are telling me to.

I decided to make the armature as I had planned, but head, hands and feet will not be anatomical correct. They will be enlarged. Her dress will be big, colorfull and decorated with all the symbols that this doll is trying to show me.

The armature is made with strong steel wire, covered with masking tape. When the feet are done and attached with the head and hands, I will cover the body in batting strips. Then she is ready for clothing. But this is all I have for today. Keep coming back for updates ;-)

December 10, 2016

Update on Fox Maiden

Good evening. I finally finished this painting. It took some time, and there are several details I´m not that pleased with, but I guess it is done.

24x33 cm (9,x13")
240 g/m2 acrylic paper. 

December 04, 2016

New painting "Fox Maiden"

Good evening! This is a painting I am working on these days. It is a slow process, but I am slowly getting done. Thank God for acrylic paint! One can keep on painting layers of paint untill the painting is finished. 

In this painting I am working on a fox poweranimal and a forest spirit. I´ll keep posting WIP pics the next days.

Bye for now!

July 28, 2016

New paintings. Will I get finished on time?

Good evening!

I just realized that it has been a very long time since I wrote something on this blog. Shame on me ;-)

Tonight I thought I could show you some paintings I am working on. It is somehow a funny process, because they need to be finished by next week, and I don´t know if I can make it. I am participating in a exhibition, and had to come up with titles and size before I had actuallly painted the painting. That´s because of the deadline for printing the shows program....

Well, I normally don´t get stressed out that easily, but this is putting quite some pressure on my creativity ;-) I named them: The Magic of the Night, Primordial Force and Transformation. I had the themes in my head and most of the motive, but the painting keep taking me places that wasn´t planned.

Like this one: The Magic of the Night:
 It is still not finished. I need much more trees and flowers and stuff. I loved the way these two rascals turned out! Still need more midnight magic though ;-)

The second painting is different. In danish it is called Urkraft, and I acually don´t know how to translate that word. Google suggests "Primordial Force". It´s all about nature, ergi, energy, sensuality and so on ;-) Very much not finished. I´m painting in a nice white stag in there.

The last painting is also very different. It´s called Transformation because it is going to be about uniting man and beast. I am very much into Jung, so in my imagination, the unity of man and beast will create transformtion and make ud able to reach for the stars.

Time for bed. I will keep on posting my progress with these painting, and please cross your fingers. I need some luck if I am going to finish these paintings on time ;-)

June 12, 2016

Visionary art

This is a painting I made for one of the exercises from the book

I am currently reading "Garden of the Soul - making Sacred and Shamanic Art" by Faith Nolton.
From Amazon:

"Gardens of the Soul explores the different ways sacred art can expand awareness and nourish the soul. Through her paintings and writings Faith Nolton shares the creative processes of sacred art — both the inner journeying work and the practical art techniques. She weaves together her own shamanic practice and spirit conversations with her skills as a painter and poet. Her paintings uniquely reflect a world of mystery and nourish the soul."

Each chapter is ended with a exercise, for the reader to explore the theme futher on ones own. 

I always find it easier to learn something new, if the context is a bit systematic. 

It was fun making the tree, but it isn't good enough. It was stupid to glue those flower-rhinestones on, and the leaves on the tree is a bit funny-looking. I used Interference paint from Golden, but it is hard to see from a photo. It has a beautiful shine from different angles. 

I tried to come up with a tree, that represents the Universe. How everything's connected, and that the tree lives in a physical world, but its lifeforce is universal and transcendental. Like we all are. 

I like the background. It was a lot of mess with water, acrylics and salt! 

Down below is the tree from the book that Faith Nolton made. I really like the book, because it takes you through some exercises that unleashes the creativity within. I never realized, that the artform I love, has a lot of similarities to visionary art.