June 08, 2012

My puppet is getting along nicely

This is the final weekend at the worksshop held at Teater Refleksion. I never dreamt that there could be so much work in puppet construction :-) My puppet is no way near finished, and I only have two more days of work! 
The biggest difference between an artdoll and a puppet, is that the puppet is constructed to be animated. An artdoll is only made to be still and looked at. Every detail and part of the puppet is made for use in a show and animation, and therefor it must be very sturdy and durable. 
Normally when I make an artdoll, I focus om the charming details like facial expression and clothing. A puppet on the other hand, is only alive when in motion. Details are not that important, because a puppet normally is viewed from several meters away. 
It is quite an challenge for a unpatient person like me, but also very very interesting. 
I am working on his feet wich are quite an construction! Let me show you some of the details:

Unfortunately, my doll is the one to the left. Hopefully, it will end up looking a bit like the one to the right. That puppet was from a fantastic play called "Pist" by the way. 
You wouldn´t believe the amount of work in those legs! They are made of 12 different pieces of wood, that all must fit 100 %!!! I had to glue 3 pieces of wood together to have the correct thickness. 
My teacher, the talented Mariann Aagaard keeps trying to make me understand the importance of those legs.
"If they arn´t at an angle, you will never make the puppet walk!" 
She must be right, after 20 years of experience in puppetry.... 

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