January 18, 2012

Cloth doll pattern and designs Part 2

I am still working on my cloth doll design and I´m trying to figure out the necessary pattern for the model that are inside my head.  Sewing is NOT the same thing as sculpting!! :-) I find it difficult to fully understand how to sew in 3D... Sculpting is soo much easier! As you might remember, I am trying to make a pattern for a doll that looks a bit like this:

I want my torso more like a womans, so here is what I have for now: 

In this picture you can see that she is getting a nice woman figure, but the breasts are too smal. I will make them bigger on the final pattern. 

In this picture you can see the start of a soft butt :-) This one I am keeping! That was not in my planning, but came as a nice surprice.

Here is her waist too fat! She will have a more narrow waist. Her neck is also too wide. I like a long and slim neck. Follow me tomorrow for my progress :-)


  1. Hiya, don't know if this is helpful but I found it easier to make a female shape by doing one vertical central panel and two side panels. You can get good bust, waist, and hip curves that way. Take a look at fitted blouse patterns for women, it will give you the idea :o)

  2. Hello Yve
    Thank you for taking the time to comment on my blog. Your work i truely marvelous!
    I will research on woman fitted blouses :-) I am just a beginner in this cloth doll business :-)
    Sincerely Ann

  3. Not all women have breasts. Some have breast cancer and have their breasts removed, some are transgender people who decline surgery or can't get access to it.
    As a trans person with boobs I always find comments like "A female figure" or "womanly breasts" uncomfortable when I come across them in my daily life, like looking up art tutorials or dollmaking tutorials. I recognize it's not you doing it on purpose, or trying to upset people, but it's great if we as a society can move away from thoughts like that.
    Intersex individuals, for example, are as common as redheads, just so you know I'm not whinging at you for no reason! This stuff really is important.
    Thanks for your time.

    1. Women are women and have breasts.....men are men and have penises.....if you want to be the other sex, fine, but please don't try to tell the rest of us how to perceive the female figure

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  4. Thanks for sharing your thoughts on this matter Anonymous.