Who´s that girl?

Hello, I am Ann, and I am so honered that you would like to know more about me!

This is me on top of AROS in "Your Rainbow Panorama". 

I am 41 years old, married to my soul mate Flemming, have 2 wonderful daughters age 19 and 23, and I am the most proud grandmother you can think of, to my beloved grandchildren Alex (6) and Jessica (2). Yes, we vikings tend to start our family early :-)

Let´s start with my background: I was born in the deep forests of Värmland, Karlstad, Sweden in 1974, but moved to Norway at a very young age. I spent my childhood in the beautiful serene nature of Norway, where I  enjoyed the wonderous northern culture of art, myths, folklore and fairytails.
Later on, I moved to Denmark, where I still live this present day, but I always miss my homeland and exspecially the mountains.

Art is very important in my life, and so are childen: I have a bachelor in social education degree animation and also a teaching diploma in art and culture for children and adolescents, and I work as a proffessional kindergarden teacher.

Everything in my life is centered about my family, my art, my pets and my spirituality.
In this blog, I write and show you my artistic accomplishments and aesthetic learning processes, and sometimes I talk about spirit.

I hope you will enjoy your visit, and welcome in my world.