August 23, 2012

Making some progress with my little cat

I changed my mind. (I do that all the time - very irritating!!) Remember yesterday? I had made this: 

BUT: I changed my mind. Is that indecisioness what they call a "creative process", or is it just me? Ever so often my projects die, because I keep taking them into new directions. You see, I found an old sketch last night, and suddenly I understodd what that black wooden lid was meant to become. I will tell you more about that this weekend. 
So, I had to figure out what to do with my paperclay cat. I am maing this one for a special occasion. I can´t say anymore :-)
Well, I found a nice wooden door sign, and made a shelf for the cat to sit on. (Polystyrene foam, two wooden sticks drilled through and fixed with white glue and paper clay on top.) I think I will paint it grey with stone pattern. Like this: 

The cat is just plain white right now, but after I ´ m done with it, it will be very colorful. I think the cat belongs to a witch. It will of course be named Felix. All my cats are called Felix. There must be something wrong with my imagenation... It is just that whenever I make a cat, or paint one, I think Felix is a very appropriate name... 

And it will have a fun witchy hat! Like this one:

Illutstration from the book: "How to cook children  a grisly recipe book" by  Martin Howard  & Colin Stimpson. 
 I totally love this provocative childrens book ;-) It has all sorts of wonderful innlustrations of witches ;-)

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