August 16, 2012

Many hours in front of my pc...

Good evening to you all out there!

Today I have been busy giving the blog a face-lift! I hope you like it!
I am trying to make some virtual galleries, but unfortunately Blogger doesn´t have a really good solution to that problem. I used to have a Flickr gadget to photostream my pictures, but it stopped working. I made some new pages under the banner though... Check them out.

Also, I made som bargains at a fleemarked today:

The four wooden candlesticks are handmade and beautiful. They only cost 5 danish kroners each ($0.7) The stick to the right is a cupholder, but after painting them black, I will make them all into new witches like this: 

I still dream of more of those antique couch legs... I had a very old and antique sofa and armchair in my studio. One day it had to go, because I needed more room, and when my husband and I was carrying it up from the basement where I have my studio, I looked that those legs, and my world totally stopped! I realized they where great for dolls, so we took them off before taking the sofa to the junkyard. I never found legs like that again... 

Another bargain I made, was a chair! I love my proffessional drawing table, but it is too high for an ordinary office chair, so I was looking everywhere for an extra high chair, and suddenly, there it was! Very cheap also! Some days are just the best.

Tomorrow I will start working on those candlesticks! 
Whar are your plans for tomorrow?

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  1. Isn't it fun to find these kinds of 'found objects' - its almost like they are just sitting there waiting for you and your imagination.