August 18, 2012

We´re having fun at the market

Every Saturday I go to the local market, where I try to sell some of my paintings, our dichroic glass pendants and other selfmade jewelry. I just love it! I totally love the good energy and all the happy people that I meet. I make a little money too! Not much, but a little to make the trip worthwhile. Today I got so many ideas on how to make new jewelry and bags, that I just couldn´t wait to get home to my studio. There are other artists there too, and some of them make really beautiful art. I get sooo inspired when I see their works. 
There was this lady that I just have to share with you. Her name is Jeanette Helles, and she uses metal scrap and junk to make beautiful figurines. Check out here website: My favorites were these two:

I can´t make stuff like that. I just can´t. I am too focused on details, so I admire those who can. 
Well, I´m off to some painting. 

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