March 20, 2013

Let´s talk about recycling!

I participated in a very special workshop today. It was held at REMIDA in Randers, and for those of you who doesn´t know what that is, here is an very short explanation:

"REMIDA, named after King Midas, because everything he touched turned to gold, has been an invaluable source of material supply and a challenge for children and adults that transform seemingly worthless things into beautiful and imaginative expression that can support learning, creativity and imagination.
Not only do  the materials get a new, longer life and new meaning. The concept of waste receives a new content, and it also provides an opportunity to think about Agenda 21 and ecological thinking in pedagogy and in the companies that contribute.
Companies who donate their surplus production contributes to a social and ecological perspective.
Intelligence is not something you have, but something you are doing is a popular paraphrase neurologers and educators research suggests that it is essential to human learning processes, through the use of many different materials, language and intelligence, making links between hand and brain"
Google translated from home page

The concept is so fun! You get to take all the materials you want home with you for free! And they have a lot of materials; plastic, wood, paper, textiles, glass and much much more. Everything neatly sorted in boxes.

Thos photo was found on the net, but the principle is the same.

We are participating in a Remida art project in my kindergarden. We will recieve a 2 meter pole from them, and the task is to decorate it unique with Remida materials. Quite a challenge, if you ask me, because my children are at the age of 3 - 3,5 years old! How will they do this? I´ll keep you all posted on our progress.

At the workshop, we decorated our own poles too. Smaller poles, but the same as the one the children will recieve. I made a rubberhose tree, with an owl in it, and lots and lots of orchids made of shuttlecocks! My fingertips are burnt from raping the gluegun! But it was soo much fun. I´d wish I could show you a picture, but I totally forgot to take some! The tree was nice though....

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