March 21, 2013

Productive evening at the art school

Thursdays is art day! I take painting classes at an art school. Most of the time we have lessons in abstract art, and that is quite an challenge for me. It looks so easy, doesn´t it? But it isn´t!
This evening we had to make an background on the canvas that should look like this:
Painting by my teacher Anna Stenberg
It was to difficult for me to use so little colors, so mine looked like this:

It is not finished yet, but you get the picture ;-)

Another of my painting are finished, and this one is inspired by Paul Smulders 

I´d wish I could explain the technique, but I think you need to try it for your self ;-) Basically, you just use lots and lots of paint (you can use both acrylic and oil, mine is acrylic), add filler, sand, ash or whatever, and mix it directly upon the canvas, while adding lots of varnish. The result is stunning! It is also fun to move the layors around while it is still not completely dried through. You can keep on adding layers, and carve others away too. When it is dry, you should look for a face in the colors and patterns. Then paint some grafical objects on top.

Sound like fun? It is! Here is a video with the master himself: 

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