April 01, 2013

"Is there anybody in there?"

I am working on a new painting, and this one is giving me some serious trouble... I allready repainted it white 3 times!

I started out with an plain idea of a tree. -An old oak tree, looking like an old hag, or perhaps Baba Yaga. I am very interested in old myths and stories about this particular archetype. Press this link for more information.
This painting was my original idea:

It was all wrong! It gave me complete wrong feeling. The background was too light, the three was out of balance and so on. My art teacher Anna Stenberg says, that one should not paint the mistakes over with white paint, but instead try to work with it, and improve your skills, while trying to make something decent out of it.... 
Well, sometimes I do that, but not today. I smeared lots and lots of paint on the canvas, and made new  patterns with it. Nothing worked. In the end, I gave up, just going back to painting the same dreamscape I allways paint: 

This is a sneak peak of the painting. I still got the tree, and it includes my favorite thing, a treehouse! On the little hill in the background, there will be another treehouse, hence the title "Is there anoybody in there?"
More tomorrow!!

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