April 07, 2013

Graphic line in the foreground gives more depth.... I think

Good evening! After a long and enjoyable day with my grandson, I am finally back in the studio, musing about the painting of the big city skyline:

My version

My teachers version.

I must admit, that this is not my chosen style, but the technique is quite interesting. (I am thinking about the background here, anyone can make those silhouttes in front) The way you do it, is that you put your canvas under water, and let is completely soak in. Then you add tiny amounts of acrylic paint, and bang your canvas down, quite hard, turn it aound several times, and let the paint spread around. It is also fun to use a water spray, and make the paint explode in different directions. I guarantee you, it is fun to make! If it for some reason, doesn´t work, just wash off alle the paint and start over. I had to try several times. If you look closely, you can see that my teacher´s painting is much lighter than mine. That is just a matter of personal temper and style. I like loads pf paint and colors! Pastel colors were never my cup of tea. 

Neon colors were added to make lights. Those were made with a toothbrush.

Well, I didn´t like those white stripes in front though. My teacher said, that they would add some the depth to the composition, but to me they looked like distractions. 

It took me some time to resign, but after I added them to the painting, I quite liked it! I will add a couple of Swarovski Trillion Crystals. They will twinkle like stars in the evening! 

What do you think?

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