February 09, 2014

"The Price of Solitude" New painting almost finished

This is my new acrylic painting from the series "Songs from Anneland, title: "The Price of Solitude". The painying measure 50x70 cm (20"x28"). It is painted black on the sides, so no framing is necessary. As always, the sky is adorned with beautiful Swarovski crystals, wich make the painting sparkle just like real stars in the night. 

In this painting I´m trying to express the feeling of solitude, when you feel like screaming out loud, but there is noone there to listen. The only one listening is the silent full moon, always reflecting your own image of your soul, but never sharing, just showing nothing but your self. 
The tree is screaming in eternal silence, because the mouth is nothing but a great big hole - it´s speechless. 

As every painting I make, there must be hope though. Perhaps just a little one, but it must be in there. I am thinking about something like a bright star, a butterfly or a beautiful bird. Must ponder a bit on that. 

The moon became quite huge ;-) Perhaps it was better before, when it was smaller. Too late to change it now though! 

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  1. Me emocionei com sua pintura e suas palavras! Tudo muito lindo! Um grande abraço!