July 10, 2013

Let´s do an experiment together part 5

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I went to the cinema to see "The Lone Ranger" with Johnny Depp tonight, så no work to show on my icons today. Have you seen the movie? I usually love Depp, but in my opinion: this movie wasn´t one of his best. His caracter is fantastic and he plays the role sublime like he always do, but I didn´t somehow get impressed at all, or even touched. Just a funny movie with some cool actors, nothing more. Here´s a trailer for those of you that haven´t seen it:

I DID finish my badger painting last night, and here is a photo to show:

I like it, but it doesn´t look completely like a badger. My painting looks more like a little panda bear or something. The badger has a much longer and narrower face. Should I repaint it? NO! My art teacher told me that no matter how bad a painting is, NEVER paint it over with white. Just keep om working with it untill it is finished. There is so much more to learn, if you work through your obstacles. She is a very wise woman ;-) I use to resign and repaint a lot of my painting, but now I try to keep going. So, a badger has a longer face. I will remember that the next time. OR, I must accept, that my painting style is a bit animated and childish. My paintings always end up looking a bit like this style. I once read an artist saying: that artists must stop fighting their own style, and just develop and enjoy the specialness of it. Not try to copy other artists style, but keep working until your own style get´s perfect, interesting and interesting. I always wanted to write children´s books and illustrate them my self. Perhaps one day my childrish painting style will become a book? Just as an note to that, I would like to share a painting of my favorite illustrator Ursula Seeberg: 

This is the style i´d wish I had myself ;-)

Tomorrow I will work on the dried leafs and painting them. I will also start painting my deer on the other icon. Hope to see you there!

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