July 26, 2013

Let´s do an experiment together part 6 (almost done!)

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Hello again!

It´s been several days since I´ve posted last about these icons. I´ve spent the most of a week in different woods here in Denmark. Every year my husband and I tage a week off and live withdrawn from our ordinary life. Here is few photoes of our beautiful camp under the trees:

Home again, i find myself working with my icons again. Something was wrong, and I just couldn´t figure out what it was. I really like the painting, but the leaf pattern I was working with wasn´t working. Let´s take a look: 

I think I used the wrong fern leafs. They were too small and had some funny brown powder on the backside. I found some new in the forest, and will try to use them on my second icon. That one is a cute deer. I´ve just started it: 

I think it will be good, but I really need to work on the leaf pattern! I don´t think I will use this kind of frame again using the treemass. It´s hard to make nice pattern on those rounded and uneven edges.
The next icons will be different. 

My next two icons will also have a forest animal theme. The badger and the deer was important animals from my first out-sitting, and the next two will also be connected to my trip into the wilderness: a viper and a goat ;-) I´ll tell you more about that later.... ;-)

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