July 08, 2013

Let´s do an experiment part 4

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Good evening!

I am still working on my icons, and the´re getting along nicely.

I have painted backgrounds on them both:

I will paint a badger on the one to the right, and a deer on the one to the left. Both special animals to me right now, because I met them both on my summer solstice out-sitting. If you would like to read about my experiences, just press HERE.

They´re both painted in Golden Acrylic Heavy Body - my favorite brand! 

A couple of nights ago, I went for a long walk, and collected several types of  leaves, which I have pressed, and they are now almost dried. I will work on them tomorrow. 

I can´t wait to complete my badger! Here is the photo I use for reference:

Isn´t it just adorable? I saw one last night, when I was out for a run with my youngest daughter. It crossed the road infront of us! They are very shy animals, and I can´t stop thinking that it was more than just a strange coincidence, that I got to meet it in real. I can´t understand why I was so scared of them all night, when I was sitting alone in the forest. 

See you tomorrow!

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