May 21, 2012

Oh I just had to own this lovely book!

I am a sucker for crafts books. Especially books about artdolls! I have quite a few accually, but when I surfe around on Amazon, I can´t always stop myself from purchasing a new book... There are soooo many totally cool books on artdolls!
I recently ordered "Anatomy of a doll" by Susanna Oroyan, and I just had to have this one too: "Designing the doll: from consept to construction". I love the author, the layout and the pictures.


What is your favorite artdoll book? Any good recommandations for me?


  1. I have "Anatomy of a Doll" and I love it. I'm considering buying the other one, since like you I'm addicted to craft books, oh no you have tempted me :)

    1. Hi Helene, Thank you soo much for those kind comments on my blog. I love everything creative, nd try to find time to blog about it. I will look at your blogs too. Thank you again and welcome back!