May 21, 2012

Reflections upon Refleksion

I am soo tired today.... After spending the entire weekend at the puppet theatre Teater Refleksion participating in a workshop (Construct your own puppet), I am totally worn out. Just why I am so tired, is quite a mysterie, because I accually didn´t DO much. I just spent hours after hours carving balsawood, drawing, sculpting the head, contemplate over proportions and so on. At the theatre, there are no computers, no tv, no radio and no mess. Everything is still, clean and simple. Allmost Zen. It ia magical. I guess that I am so tired, because I have learnt so much, and have been so much in the present moment. Coming home Sunday evening, I had to fetch something in my own studio in my basement. Oh my godness! Can I accually create anything in this mess? My studio is a complete apposite to the beautyful Zen-like studio at the theatre.
I have to do more thinking about this: Creativety and organized living. Right now they are miles apart in my studio....
The workshop goes on for the next two weekends. I will add more reflections and pics along the way.
At the very first day we got to see a puppet performance "Boxy-George". Beaytiful and moving. You can see the trailer here:

Snapshots from the workshop:

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