May 24, 2012

How do you sell your art?

How are you today? My godness it is warm here in Denmark these days! The temperature has been 25 Celsius (77 Fahrenheit) and that is very hot for me! My animals are totally worn out:
Arthur tries to find a place to rest and to be cooled down. 

Right now I am taking a breather in my basement. It is nice and cooler down here.
I would like to show you something:
Occasionally, I like to sell my jewelry and other stuff on the markeds and streets. I like to watch people pass by, and make some art or jewelry at the stand. Years back, I invented some big wooden suitcases, that opens up as a jewelry display, and they still work great! My mother also made some, and they are a bit smaller and lighter then the ones I normally use. Because of my mothers health, (cancer), she gave the two suitcases to me, and today I am painting one of them black!. They had this rotten greenish color, and I hated it. I looked old and not hip at all. I have added some nice handles both in front and at the back. Inside there will be two narrow mattresses lined with some nice cloth. I useually use white or black velvet, but you can use anything you like. I glue it on at the back with lots of hot glue gun. It is the only thing holding the mattresses in place accually. The jewelry hangs nicely using small neadles.
This suitcase I am painting will have a little different design. I will put a metal plate to hang my tiny paintings with magnets on the back. I call them "refrigerator art" :-)
This design was not made by me. I copied another artist, but I cannot remember who. Just to show you the magnets. 

I totally forgot to take pictures before I started ripping out the old mattress and before I started painting it, but here is what I have so far:
You get the idea, right? I am not painting the inside, because it will get covered by a mattress. 

My mother had a terrible tast in color :-) It is ugly green!

I will show you the finished result when I am completely finish with the painting. 
In the meanwhile, you could leave a comment, and tell me how you display your stuff. I find that very interesting. 

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