November 03, 2013

Hannah has got new ears and hands! (Continued from "Please welcome Hannah" (Part 3)

Today I have been working with Hannah´s ears and hands. I think ears are quite easy to make, but it´s difficult to make an identical pair. I usually find some some photo of ears as reference on Google. Then I print the photo with a copy in the oposit direction. See photo:

Hannah´s got big hands and ears, but I don´t care. I like it that way. In my opinion, a doll shouldn't look all natural. A doll becomes more interesting if it´s more like a parody. It get´s more character and becomes much more fascinating.

Now I need to figure out, if she´ll be a full body sculpt or not. I like my witches standing on a pedestal. Look at this:

This is a leg from an very old sofa ;-) That old thing gave me 4 witches. After the doll is finished, the leg will not show anymore. Or, one could make it visible. One of the witches ended up like this:

I don´t have more of those antique legs, but I collect everything that can be used for this purpose, eg candlesticks. I love to find funny ones in charity shops! 

Another thing I accomplished tonight was her hands. I don´t know about you, but to me hands are the most difficult to sculpt. I am getting better, but it is still a great challenge. I use Dee Schiller´s book "Faemaker" as reference. I also bought one of her online sculpting courses from Very informative! 

I might have more progress tomorrow. Good night!

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