November 02, 2013

Please welcome Hannah! (Part 2)

I am doing some progress with my new witch. I´ve worked hard with her face, and now I´m finally satisfied.

Here is what I have for now:

My favorite part is her big nose! Perhaps it´s a thing from my training in puppetry, but I just love dolls with bog noses. (Puppets have big pointy noses because it makes it easier to see the direction the doll is looking). Some people claim that dolls are a representation of our own self, and just like dogs often look like their owners, dolls do too. I like the idea! I have a big nose too! All my dolls are little aspects of me! 

Back to the doll: I baked her twice. My studio oven can´t do 275 F (130 °C). It´s a digital oven, and it can only bake at 257 F or 293 F, so I have to keep an eye on the doll at all times, and bake a bit longer than usual. Really stupid actually. 
I totally ruined a doll once because I baked a doll with too high temperature. Just take a look:

Another one with a really big nose, right! I think I pushed the wrong button, and baked him at 446 F! After a couple of minutes it started to smoke! Never, ever do that! Keep an eye on your doll at all times, and use an oven thermometer and a timer.

After baking, I sandes her down with my buffer blocks (from my background with nail art). They are very good! I like them better than regular sanding paper. 

Finally I give the head a coat of Translucent Liquid Sculpy. It smoothes the skin and give the doll a nice finish. Bake at 275 F for 6 minutes.

Now I´m going to start her hands. See you later this weekend for more updates. 

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