October 30, 2013

Starting a new art doll - please welcome Hannah!! (Part 1)

I am starting a new doll tonight. It has been a very long time since I made a doll, and I feel a little rusty ;-)
But, I have decided that she will become a witch, and her name will be Hannah.

I use Prosculpt Polymer clay, and it is a blend between Caucasion and Fairy Light. I just use my pasta machine to soften and conditioning it.

Working on her face to start with, will give me the idea of her proportions in the end. I´m not good at making sketches in the beginning, I prefer to go along with the clay, and see where it will take me. It is nice to think like Leonardo da Vinci: "The doll is allready in there, you just have to carve away all the excess clay!" Or who said something like that anyway? I think I might have gotten it a bit wrong...

Tonight I thought I would like to show you how I start a face, and how it develops as I go along.

I start with a foil ball, and covers it with masking tape. Then I add clay. I make lines in the middle, and ind the center line of the face. Now I know where to put my eyeballs. 

She looks scary now, right? This is small white prebaked Cernit balls. 


More clay on the lower part of the face

Lower lip
Nose and cheeks

Oh - I´ve got so distracted, that I forgot to take pictures ;-)

This is enough work for one night!
Hannah's face is not finished, but I am too tired to do more work on here tonight. As I said, I'm a bit rusty. More to come tomorrow! Night!

PS: I like to use Dawn Schiller´s book "FaeMaker" as reference. This book is amazing!

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