December 13, 2013

Thank you stranger and a merry christmas!

I ´m spamming you today, right? Well, I just had to share something wonderful: I´ve been looking for a used food processor for quite a while now, but without any luck. At Facebook there were this lady cleaning out her kitchen cabinets, and was giving away a lot of stuff. I was just making a little joke, and asked if she would happen to have an old food processor. The day aften another stranger wrote me in a private message, that she had one, and if I wanted it, I could have it for free!!! WOW!! My faith in hunamity is restored!! Of course I had to try it at once it was brought home, and it is just perfect for my needs! When I started sculpting Hannah, I spent an entire evening conditioning an old large packet of Kato polymer clay, and had to put lots of smoothing oil to make it softer. (I wonder if one can use baby oil in stead?)
I was so happy to see that this machine did the job in a few minutes. The food processor also warmed the clay (from the friction) as well as choppeb it into small bits! Now I can run it through the pasta machine a couple of hundred times, and the job is done!

A very special thanks to Cecilie Sommer!!

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