October 06, 2013

Just saying....

With the risc of sounding a bit airy-fariy:
 Sometimes we forget to believe in ourselves!
I have been sewing a lot of bags and purses lately, but non I was totally satisfied with. My sewing machine is not doing it´s job properly (or is it the idiot at the other end?) My seams are not strait and look like a drunk man´s doing :-( 
But I have decided that I will not give it up! I just need more practise, and figure out how to make that sewing machine become my best friend, and let it tell me it´s secrets, like why it is making such a funny noise while sewing, and why the seams arn´t allright. Perhaps I´ll take a look in the instructional manual too!

Today I will make a new attempt to sew a tote bag without any errors! See you later!

This is one of my bags. Part of the pattern is from Michelle Patterns, but I made quite a lot of adjustments. This bag is almost without errors (just itsy bitsy ones that you never will discover haha)

The  lining is the softest babyflonnel! The exterior fabric is cotton linnen with black cats - my favorite!

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