June 30, 2013

Work-in-progress painting "Tell me a Secret"

I am painting on this rather big painting.
This time I´ve painted the background finished first, and then filling in the details as the tree, the hills and the bird. Normally I just paint along all over the canvas. The most difficult part with this technique is, that I can´t spill some paint or make a mistake, because I can´t cover up the mess on the background with the same color again. So I have to be very carefull ;-)

The bird was first supposed to be a crow, but I canged my mind, and now it is a large raven. I had several dreams about a raven some time ago. It feels very nice to try to remember that bird. I imagine it is sitting in the enchanted tree, telling it´s secrets to the silent moon.

I´ll share it with you, but remember, it isn´t finished. My goodness it´s so difficult to paint feathers!!!!

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