July 27, 2012

Problems with baking Proscupt

Today I recieved my long awaited (signed) book "Faemaker" by Dawn Schiller! I couldn´t wait to see if I could make fantasy caracters like the ones she makes... And now I know that I can... But I can´t show it to you!
Well, It started out just perfect. I followed Dawns instructions, and made one of my best heads ever! I mean, it was a masterpiece! (In my own opinion any way...) Then I tried to bake it.... how I´d wish that I hadn´t done so...

Look for yourself...

I recently bought a new oven for baking my sculpts. I set the temperature to 125 Celcius, and it baked for 6-7 minutes!! It is some convection-oven. 
I think I will just throw it out. It has apparently no use in my studio. I will go back to my old one. It was a pain in the neck, but at least I could control the heat. 
Very well, at least I didn´t spend hours sculpting the hands and feet and baked them along with the head. 
I will start over tomorrow.
Have you had disasters like this?

I added a link to a baking tutorial. After reading it, I am starting to wonder if I need a bigger oven? Mine is the kind that stands on the table. How big is yours? 

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