July 31, 2012

The old tree painting

I made this painting a couple of days ago. The canvas with deep sides measures 20 cm x 20 cm and is created with acyrylic painting, Posca pen, Swarovski hot fix rhinestones, vintage buttons and Windsor & Newtons Varnish.

The painting was made for an artist swap at "Min Kreative Moster". The theme was nature and as you might know, I adore trees! The motive in this painting is created by a long black line. The line start out as a tree, and then goes on to spell an old chinese saying: "The tall tree is always chopped down first, the old and crooked one stands for thousands of years". Isn´t that cool? Never be too clever. Be a bit invisable, and let others come first. Then you´ll avoid extreme situations, and have a happier life. Quite a contradiction to our society where everyone wants to be a star. I like that philosophy. Maybe that is why I connect to old daoism. I would like to be like that crooked tree.

I mailed it yesterday. I hope the reciever get´s very happy when she recieves it today

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