January 25, 2012

Cloth doll pattern and designs Part 3

Ok, I had to find a new pattern for my cloth doll. Here is what I have come up with.

I am finally finished with the basic construction of a cloth doll that I actually like. I am so happy, because the birth of this baby was long and hard :-)
Please welcome my very first ball jointed cloth doll! There is still a lot of details to work out, but now that I have det basics, the rest is just adjustments.

She is a tall girl: 29" ( 73 cm), and made of cotton canvas facric. Most of her pattern I found here: 

I had severe problems with figuring out the scale in the pattern. I think it has someting to do with the proces of printing the pattern directly from the homepage and selecting the function in the printer setup "fit to page". Hands and legs came out way too small, almost half the correct size. 
I had to make this doll 3 times and continue to adjust the scale before I was content. In the end I gave up trying to figure it out and just went along with my intuition. 
Here are more pics of her wonderful poses: 

I need to remember several thing next time I am making her:

  • Gather her upper body front (breasts) more tightly at the center and not so much at the side seams. This will give her better shaped breasts. 
  • Put a wooden bead inside her head to help the shape of the nose through the cloth.
  • Stuff her really tight on top of her head to avoid wrinkles in the cloth,
  • Find a way to avoid the wrinkles in the cloth around her fingers, and make a complete handarmature from pipecleaner that fits the hand. Hide the sharp edges so that they don´t show on the surface. 
  • Find something that is working better than those big knee joints :-) I used a big 1 3/4" wooden bead, and it is really nice for animation because of the weight, but it is not very aesthetic and beautiful. Another shape of both the upper and lower joint will fit the rounded bead better. Also I must think of a better method of stringing the bead. The white thread is not nice. 

Tomorrow I will paint her face and make her hair, and go to the craft store to find better joints.
If you have any ideas for me, please don´t hesitate on commenting. I would love to hear from you!


  1. Hi Ann, I want you to know I'm really impressed with your cloth doll. People usually have a hard time sewing a doll from a pattern, especially if you've never made a cloth doll, much less to design a pattern from scratch that intricate. If you're planning to design and make more cloth dollehs (I hope you are, your very talented) they're some books out there that helped me a great deal and still do. Creative Cloth Dollmaking or any of Patty Culea books they've helped me a great deal and she's to publish a condensed version of all her doll making books. Anatomy of a Doll, by Susanna Oroyan also has info and tons of photos for inspiration not just on cloth dolls, but all kinds of dolls. If you want more info on these books or cloth doll making in general you can contact me if you'd like, I've making cloth art dolls for five years now I guess I'm just now delving paper clay over cloth and sculpting which so I'm in a similiar situation in reverse, hehe. You can find on facebook or email me at fantasiesinfabric@gmail.com I hope I'm not being to forward but I don't want you to frustrated and quit I'd like to see the doll finished, she looks like she's could be cutie!

  2. Thanks for the free pattern. It will help me very much...

  3. This is amazing. I Am looking all over for a pattern like this. I just ordered the same book you have. I can't wait to try it. I'm have never made a doll first so I will probably start a bit simpler to start. I am also thinking of making a doll like this and making a magic sculp face/mask to put in it. Again something I have never tried but that is where the fun is trying new things.

  4. this is most fantastic!!! the pattern is no longer available... is there another link? once again your work is outstanding!!!

    1. Dear Joseph, Thank you for that very kind remark. I think the link is working again. Have a nice weekend! -Ann

  5. this looks amazing i would love to have a go but i cant get the link to work any help?

  6. Hello Anonymous: I really would like to help, but don´t know how? Please write me a email.

  7. Hi Ann! Great work! The link is no longer available again... did you happen to share yours (adapted to the right size)?
    Thanks a lot!

  8. I'm really interested in making a doll just like this, but I'm a bit confused on how to follow the instructions on the link you posted to. The head is really the most important to me, and there are just so many separate pages about it. What order do they go in? How am I to follow it?

  9. ya doing just fine GURL......I been making DOLLS since age 9 now soon 66yrs young still at it doing SHOWS.....KEEP it UP GURL...just use your thoughts......WOW them OUT & yourself TOO.... can e-mail me if ya like...CALIFORNIA HERE...michelle Edwards...EDWARDSDOLLS@AOL.COM...

  10. I love your doll pattern.She is great, I would not change a thing. Please tell me how I can get this pattern.i have been looking for a doll body just like yours.Thank you.

  11. I can't wait to try this pattern! - i've seen some dolls made using this or a similar pattern at the site below and am blown away with how poseable and beautifully artistic they look.