January 30, 2012

I am learning new skills :-)

I was late for the ADO MMC "Exaggeration", so I have been working nonstop yesterday and today to have it finished by the deadline.

I also tried to learn how to "antique" a doll. I prefer bright colors and a simple look, so I have never made something that was supposed to look old. A new internet friend, Birthe, helped me along the way, and I am so gratefull, that the web is full of people who is willing to share the knowledge with others!
Here is my work in progress:

Here is a MDF plate 20 cm x 14 cm 

I painted it black with acrylic paint

When the paint was dried i applied 2mm crack medium and let that dry for 25 minutes

Then I tried to apply white acrylic color in a nonchalant way with both brush and knife

The day after it looked like this... Where was my BIG wide cracks??
Well, I tried it again with a smaller frame, and I realized that I had to apply a thicker layer of crack medium. 
I glued a fabric onto the background of the frame, and made a little witch in Prosculpt polymer clay. 
I then made a little sign with the text "Welcome". Finally I finished the wich with som ribbons and woll. 
Haven´t really decided wether or not I will varnish the piece. 
What do you think?

PS: I made her eyes and mouth very large for the exaggeration challenge!

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