July 14, 2015

Tuesday update!

like having many different projects going on at the same time.
Today I am sketching ideas for a new painting for my living room. I am waiting for my new couch to arrive, and the room needs new art! This time I'm going for big!!!

The first sketch: 
Dreamscape, little lake, a tiny island with a boiling cauldron in the middle, a big tree in the middle of it all, forest, stars, emerging fields at the back, lots of trees and several animals. Those with an interest for shamanism and earth bound philosofy will understand my perspective ;-)

Scanning it into my pc and printing it in size A4

Drawing it onto transparency film and projecting it on my big canvas 

Tracing det drawing with charcoal and painting over it with yellow ochre acrylic paint.

Now all the proportions are good, and I'm ready to start on the background!
See you later!

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