July 06, 2013

Let´s do an experiment part 2


It took a little longen than I expected to share more photos of the process. You know, sometimes life gets in our way, when we try to dedicate our lives to our creativety :-)

In the first post, I talked about how to make a wooden icon, something like this one:

This icon is made by the very talented artist June Uriagereka, and I just love the way she has framed this little painting by adding dried fern leafes to the frame, making a beautiful pattern. 

Here are some more photos of my accomplishments: 

I trimmed the corners with a sharp knife, and sanding the edges 

Then I drew where I wanted the frame to be. 

Then I added "treemass". This is a medium that can be purchased here in Denmark and also in Germany under the name "holzmache". It is a wonderful medium for modelling things that should look like carved tree, and for artdolls and puppets. Here are some examples of dolls I made with this medium: 

Treemass is made of tree shavings, rye, chalk and ammonium, and after added water, it becomes a fantastic clay, which can be modelled into anything you can imagine. I think it is something similar to "woodclay". You can google that if you want more information. I havn´t been able to find any information about the treemass in english. 

I wasn´t sure if I was totally satisfyed with my icons, so I had my husband help me with sawing some wood plates in a shape that I liked. This is the result:

Now I must go for a walk and find some fern leaves to dry ;-) And while they dry, I will paint my frames with gesso. 

See you tomorrow!

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