July 28, 2016

New paintings. Will I get finished on time?

Good evening!

I just realized that it has been a very long time since I wrote something on this blog. Shame on me ;-)

Tonight I thought I could show you some paintings I am working on. It is somehow a funny process, because they need to be finished by next week, and I don´t know if I can make it. I am participating in a exhibition, and had to come up with titles and size before I had actuallly painted the painting. That´s because of the deadline for printing the shows program....

Well, I normally don´t get stressed out that easily, but this is putting quite some pressure on my creativity ;-) I named them: The Magic of the Night, Primordial Force and Transformation. I had the themes in my head and most of the motive, but the painting keep taking me places that wasn´t planned.

Like this one: The Magic of the Night:
 It is still not finished. I need much more trees and flowers and stuff. I loved the way these two rascals turned out! Still need more midnight magic though ;-)

The second painting is different. In danish it is called Urkraft, and I acually don´t know how to translate that word. Google suggests "Primordial Force". It´s all about nature, ergi, energy, sensuality and so on ;-) Very much not finished. I´m painting in a nice white stag in there.

The last painting is also very different. It´s called Transformation because it is going to be about uniting man and beast. I am very much into Jung, so in my imagination, the unity of man and beast will create transformtion and make ud able to reach for the stars.

Time for bed. I will keep on posting my progress with these painting, and please cross your fingers. I need some luck if I am going to finish these paintings on time ;-)

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