December 07, 2015

Making shamanic rattles out of the dog' chewing bone :-)

I am trying for the third time to make some shamanic rattles. This is the second time I use dog chewing bones (rawhide). The rattle becomes very sturdy and hard and has a nice loud sound.  I discovered the technique because I didn't have anything else to make the rattle with. I went to the vet and bought several dog bones :-) Now I am looking for some nice hide again. Deer perhaps. But for now it is dog's bone... 
These two will be a gift for my husband. They came out a bit small, but I think it will be okay in the end. The handles comes from an old plum tree in our garden. We moved from house to house with that tree, but it didn't make the last move. My husband have given me fruittrees several times as a special gift. I think this particular tree was a gift for a wedding day... I like the idea of giving something back. The tree didn't make it, but it can become a musical instrument instead. 

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