April 26, 2015

New painting: Songs from Anneland: Songs for my beloved"

I still paint themes from my inner world of whimsical dreamscapes. I can´t really help it, it´s just the way my feelings and emotions wants to be expressed. Some people find my paintings dark and a bit scary, but to me they are full of love, light and hope. The scary part is just the inner shadow part, feeling alone and melancholic, but never without hope and trust. 

This one tells the story of a tree, growing out on a cliff, singing odes for it´s beloved, the silent moon. Does she hear his songs of love? The painting isn´t finished yet, there are lots of work to do with it, but I thought I could show you some work in progress photos:

April 07, 2015

Copycat ;-)

I saw this youtube video about how to make this painting with LED lights. It looked like fun so I tried to make one myself. I can´t find the video and share the link, so this is me being a copycat ;-)