December 26, 2014

Finished painting Reach Out

Merry Christmas out there! I am spending my holidays in the studio, sewing, painting and planning new projects. I managed to finish this painting last night: Reach Out. I talked about my quest on my 40. birtday in a prewious post, where I was inspired to paint 3 paintings. This was number 2, and is my vision of the great lake in Rold Skov, called Store Økssø. It has to do with maturnety, the gidt of motherhood, bringing light to death, blueberries, pinetrees, circles and fish (was not included in the painting).  I am quite pleased with my painting, but there is allways something to be annoyed about, right? Room for improvements! I want to have a more "mystical" style. More abstract and airy, but no matter how I try, I end up in this cartoonish style of painting. Perhaps it's just how it is? Can we fight our own style, and paint like we admire in others, or should we just accept our own? I dont have the answer to that. I just try to accept the expression that is truely mine. 
So, what do you think? 

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