April 24, 2014

Puppet finally finished!


2 years ago, I attended a course in puppetry, at a very famous puppet theatre here in Denmark, called Teater Refleksion. 
Tonight, my puppet is all finished! Can you believe that? After I finished the construktion of the doll, I left it for a very long time....I guess I was a bit scared of finishing it alone, because I was worried that I would destroy my perfect puppet ;-) 
Here are some photos of the process: 

This was my idea. I wanted a puppet, that would look like a little boy. 

The head was sculpted with treemass, and glass eyes.

The torso was carved in balsawood

He is looking soo cute!

Legwork. You wouldn´t believe the amount of work involved with that....

Here he is! I liked him like this too!

Puppets like to hang out with famous people too. This he is with Boxy Georg. 

More photos and poses: 

I call him "Garnet". It is danish for "the yarn", and is a nickname because of his hair ;-)
I will use him in the kindergarden, as a puppet interacting closely with the children. I have this very old antique suitcase, as will be his "home". I can´t wait to start telling stories and playing with him infront of the children. He is very mobile and have so beautiful movements!!!

April 21, 2014

And hello to you too, my little friend!!

I just love the moment, when my dolls look back at me and say: "hello?"

This one just need some clothes :-)