February 15, 2014

Having fun with drip technique!

This is my background. 
I´mtrying out a acrylic drip technique and I just love the way the painting is changing as I add new layers of paint and keep spraying water! This is soo much fun! Never mind the terrible mess on the floor though....!! Remember to put lots of towels under the easel! 

I watched this video from an artist calles James Kruse and got very  inspired:

February 13, 2014

"Come to the Edge"

Guilliame Apollinaire - French Poet

My favorite quote..... What´s yours?

February 12, 2014

Seasons beginning with summer in the studio (WIP painting)

I´m painting the four seasons. This first one almost done is summer. A big red ripe apple is ready to be plucked, and there will also be a nice butterfly and some yellow flowers. The tree still need´s some work with shadows and highlights, but I like my composition, and I think it will turn out good. 

The next painting will be my favorite season, wich is fall, all though I keep longing for spring right now ;-) After fall, I´ll continue with winther, and then spring. 
It is fascinating to paint the seasons.  The feeling of summer with its colors and smells fills the studio when I imagine the season. I can almost hear the birds singing! 

February 09, 2014

"The Price of Solitude" New painting almost finished

This is my new acrylic painting from the series "Songs from Anneland, title: "The Price of Solitude". The painying measure 50x70 cm (20"x28"). It is painted black on the sides, so no framing is necessary. As always, the sky is adorned with beautiful Swarovski crystals, wich make the painting sparkle just like real stars in the night. 

In this painting I´m trying to express the feeling of solitude, when you feel like screaming out loud, but there is noone there to listen. The only one listening is the silent full moon, always reflecting your own image of your soul, but never sharing, just showing nothing but your self. 
The tree is screaming in eternal silence, because the mouth is nothing but a great big hole - it´s speechless. 

As every painting I make, there must be hope though. Perhaps just a little one, but it must be in there. I am thinking about something like a bright star, a butterfly or a beautiful bird. Must ponder a bit on that. 

The moon became quite huge ;-) Perhaps it was better before, when it was smaller. Too late to change it now though! 

February 02, 2014

Wishing you a blessed Imbolc!

I stumbled upon this nice witch this evening, and I love the way she explains Imbolc! 


Portrait update

I think the portrait from yesterday is finished.

February 01, 2014

New abstract painting workshop

This is my painting from the workshop. It´s my youngest daughter Selina Maria. 
I love taking painting classes! Today I was participating in a abstract portrait workshop, and it was so much fun! I am still struggeling hard with painting abstract, but somehow I think I´m getting closer to a personal "style" wich allowes me to use elements of different techniques, and combining them into my own blend.

This workshop was the same as this one, and I enjoyed it just as last time.

First I´ll show you some of my teacher Kirsten Mandø´s own paintings:

She is just soo talented! I´d wish I could paint like that one day.

Kirsten still wants us to practice drawing and painting a face. Use a thick sketchpad, cut portraits out from newspapers, and practice, practice, practice, and then you practice some more!
Okay then, I´ll start using my sketchpad more often:

Here are my own work in progress pictures from the day:

The background is the easiest. Just paint! No rules! Use anything to make a nice pattern!

I used masking tape, and painted on top of that too. Just remember to remove it straight after. I also let the paint run. That´s so much fun! 

I used some chalks to block in the face. Then just add some facial paint. 

As you can see, it´s not quite finished yet. I still need to work on the hair, the highlights, some minor details as her mouth and some shadows, but I think she is pretty much there. The funny thing about this painting is, that it´s not that abstract at all, but I guess that that is just the way I do it. At a pont, one must stop trying to fight one´s won style, and just go along with what come through. At the very least the background is abstract!

Here are photos from the other participants paintings (i´ts always interesting to see, right?)