February 01, 2014

New abstract painting workshop

This is my painting from the workshop. It´s my youngest daughter Selina Maria. 
I love taking painting classes! Today I was participating in a abstract portrait workshop, and it was so much fun! I am still struggeling hard with painting abstract, but somehow I think I´m getting closer to a personal "style" wich allowes me to use elements of different techniques, and combining them into my own blend.

This workshop was the same as this one, and I enjoyed it just as last time.

First I´ll show you some of my teacher Kirsten Mandø´s own paintings:

She is just soo talented! I´d wish I could paint like that one day.

Kirsten still wants us to practice drawing and painting a face. Use a thick sketchpad, cut portraits out from newspapers, and practice, practice, practice, and then you practice some more!
Okay then, I´ll start using my sketchpad more often:

Here are my own work in progress pictures from the day:

The background is the easiest. Just paint! No rules! Use anything to make a nice pattern!

I used masking tape, and painted on top of that too. Just remember to remove it straight after. I also let the paint run. That´s so much fun! 

I used some chalks to block in the face. Then just add some facial paint. 

As you can see, it´s not quite finished yet. I still need to work on the hair, the highlights, some minor details as her mouth and some shadows, but I think she is pretty much there. The funny thing about this painting is, that it´s not that abstract at all, but I guess that that is just the way I do it. At a pont, one must stop trying to fight one´s won style, and just go along with what come through. At the very least the background is abstract!

Here are photos from the other participants paintings (i´ts always interesting to see, right?)

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