November 06, 2013

Wonderful puppet shows this weekend!

I love puppets! Whenever I can get a chance, I go see a puppet show. This weekend in a danish town called Silkeborg, they have a annual festival called: "Festival of Wonder". 4 days of fantastic puppetshows, both international and domestic. I usually see a couple of shows every year, and this weekend I´m going to se two very interesting shows.

The first one is:

Train Theatre, Israel: The Chelem Legend, Fool Moon

In Denmark we all know Molbo stories. There are many tales about a group of people we laugh at and love at the same time.
Jews have similar stories about people from the Polish town Chelem.
This is the background of the story The Chelem Legend - Fool Moon, in which Lemech and Layzer take a magical journey to find a new moon, instead of the old one which was stolen!
The story unfolds in a huge pop-up book, aided by puppets and shadows. Galia Levy-Grad performs this lively tale together with a Danish translator.
The show is accompanied by original Klezmer music.

The next show later the same evening is this:

Theatre du Rugissant, France: In the eye of Judas / Dans l’OEil du Judas

Old Giacomo is dying. His mind is already confused and he is viewing reality as if through a prism. During the night memories and images of his past invade his loneliness.
The building where he grew up is still standing, ice cold and frightening at the top of the town. The drama he experienced there is seen through his own childhood eyes and memories. His memories take us from one apartment to another. We walk the hallways and catch bits of human nature playing out in a door opening or in a stairwell.
We observe the building as if a camera is fixed in the eye of the narrator. We see everything in a new light, an optical illusion, contrast between light and shade, twisted. “In the eye of Judas” is a tale of restlessness, racism and lost love, and we see how ordinary people, influenced by group pressure and hateful opinions, can change into terrible tormentors.
Adding to the dramatic nature of the performance, the audience will experience fantastic set design, music and outstanding puppet manipulation.
Come and take a look through the key hole, if you dare.

I just can´t wait! Next Tuesday I´m going to see a third show. It´s the fantastic dutch puppeteer Neville Tranter!

Stuffed Puppet Theatre, Holland: Punch and Judy in Afghanistan

Nigel, a puppeteer, has come to Afghanistan to entertain the allied troops. His assistant Emilie goes sightseeing, riding on a camel. The flash from Nigel’s camera frightens the camel, which runs off in panic with Emilie on its back.
 Nigel tries to find his assistant, a search which brings him to Tora Bora, where he encounters Punch Bin Laden. Nigel is in extreme danger but survives to discover what has happened to Emilie.
 Besides the naive Nigel we meet the heartless TV reporter, who is only interested in sensationalism, and the nervous UN soldier, who is out of place in these harsh regions.
 Punch Bin Laden and his bloodthirsty wife, Judy, seem to be in complete control of the situation. They amuse themselves with playing cat and mouse with Nigel.
 A humorous, unique and thought provoking interpretation of the old Punch and Judy tradition.

I think I´ll get lots and lots of inspiration from these talentes artists.

Saturday I´m participating in a abstract portrait paint course. I cant wait to show you the result!

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