August 29, 2012

Custom order jewelry

Today I am making some custom order  necklaces. I always love to do some beading! I will post some pics later today.
I would like to share the audiobook I am listening to while working:

Daughter of the sun by Barbara Wood

I find it really good!

In "Daughter of the Sun"  international best-selling author Barbara Wood turns her attention to a 900-year-old mystery.  Why did the Anasazi Indians of Chaco Canyon, New Mexico abruptly abandon a vast & flourishing  city filled with monumental architecture and ceremonial buildings?   
17-year-old Hoshi'tiwa, a gifted pottery maker, plans to marry a storyteller's apprentice.  Her plans are turned upside down when she is snatched by the fierce Toltec army and taken from her primitive village to "Center Place", an outpost of the Toltec empire.  Hoshi'tiwa  is assigned to the Potter's Guild where she distinguishes herself through her exotic and unusual pottery.  This leads to an elevated position and eventual entry into the court of the powerful and violent Toltec leader. Embroiled in a web of deceit, love, envy, murder and betrayal,  Hoshi'tiwa unwittingly becomes the catalyst for the eventual downfall of Center Place and what historians now call "The Abandonment."

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