May 16, 2012

Painting the hands and feet black!

Hi there! I just wanted to show you some of my stupid endeavors in my studio :-)
I have mentioned before that I am participating in this danish project where several artist are making eachothers doll LINK. For the first time I feel a bit stuck. I don´t really enjoy the proces. I have a hard time relate to the doll parts that land in my mailbox. I somehow feel that I cannot finish the parts that I am supposed to, and it is killing me.
Right now I have 2 dolls here, and I finally finished the hands and feets for the lovely dollhead I recieved from Christina in Sweden, and are supposed to send it to another artist, who will make a body and attach hands and feet, but the stupid paint will not dry!!!!!! I dont know why, because I painted both the feet and the hands in same color, and the feets are fine???? Perhaps I forgot to stir the little bottle of paint.... Somtimes that makes the paint sticky?
Very well, I hope another well stirred layer of paint will make the paint harden, and in the meantime, you can share a laugh with my by looking at these pictures

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