April 29, 2012

More painting on the cats

I am working on the 5 cats. They all have different personalities, and that must be reflected in their appaearance. I have 4 ready, and are thinking about the 5. What do you think?

April 27, 2012

Owl for the keys

My daughter came home with this nice lanyard :-) I just had to share it! What a neat way of carrying keys around the neck! I think you can figure out how it is done. If not, just ask :-)

Red is grounding me

Who wants to read a blog about socks?? Well, I really don´t care, because I finished my socks, and I really need to share that! It is such a great accomplishment for me! There are so much divine art in this world, and every artist struggle to achieve there very best of their abiliy, but not very many struggle as much as I, when I am knitting :-) I totally love to START a knitting project. I love choosing pattern (I cannot read a pattern), choosing the yarn and the color ( I always buy too much) and I love to START the project. Around 1/3 part done, I loose interest. I start making mistakes, and can´t manage the idea of keep on knitting. I get so unpatient and normally throw the whole thing away. I have about 3-4 different socks knittet without a second sock. I can´t remember how I knittet hem :-( This is really one of the darker sides of my creative personality. My impatience and impulsivity. As a creative and spiritual practice, I am trying to finish all my projects. I try to finish paintings and art dolls. It is not that fun actually! Old habits are difficult to change, but I am doing my best, and here is the result (DRUMS):

This pair of beautyfull socks are knittet to my beloved. We are getting married in a couple of weeks, and I once read that in the old days, woman knittet socks to their fiancee. Arn´t they cool? 

I love red. I never wear much color. I prefer black, white, grey and so on, but once and a while I crave for color! I paint or knit something in bright colors, and watch a youtube with Kaffe Fasset:

I could never be like him, but I envy him still. He is such an creative and happy person :-)

I do believe that there is a spirituality in colors, and there is something very special about knitting red socks. It makes me feel grounded and "here". Being a very "thinking" person, painting and knitting brings me back to the present moment. It brings me back from too much thinking and intelectually trying to figure things out. Red socks is like Baba Yaga in the fairytale. She brings you home :-) 

April 24, 2012

WIP painting "They forgot to invite us to the teaparty"

I have this story in my head. It is the story about the day of the grand teaparty. All the fine ladies were invited, and Mrs. Johnson had set the garden table with a nice lacetablecloth and her very expensive china. Mrs. Johnson had made cookies and several whipped cream pies with beautiful decorations, and she was very proud of herself, because she wanted to make a good impression on all the ladies. She had been busy all day, and was just cleaning up the kitchen before the guests would arrive. Little did she know, that in a little while, some univited guests would crash the party totally :-)

April 17, 2012

The color red

I usually don´t like to wear a lot of bright colors. I prefer black, grey and white, but once and a while I hunger for colors, especially red! This is when I have to paint somehing all red or knit something!

April 11, 2012

Wordless Wednesday

Oh no not again.....

I finished my handpainted wallclock, and was rather pleased with it. Until i decided to give it acrylic lacquer...
The lacquer made the parts I painted with black Poscapens flow and mix on the acrylic colors underneath.
Someone told me to spray the first layer of lacquer on, and after it is dried, then give it some more with a brush.

Heres is my accomplishment:

See what I mean? Everything on the right side of the painting has gone foggy and unclear because of the lacquer and posca. 

Does anyone have some good advice?

April 10, 2012

I am painting a wall clock

Around christmas time I bought some DIY canvaspanel with some stickers and a clockwork. I never really knew what to do with it, until I got this idea:

This morning the mailman brought me these! I recently won them on a Ebay auction, and I cant wait to try them. I am following a online painting lesson with Tim Gagnon, and was totally missing a blenderbrush. I will paint many beatiful backgrounds now.

April 01, 2012

I´m practicing new painting skills

I am following a online painting lesson with Tim Gagnon, and therefor I´m practicing new painting skills. It is quite frustrating. I accually don´t like learning, so I often find myself irritated and impatient.
This is an example of the lessons I am trying to learn:

It is much more difficult than it looks :-) True mastters of skills makes it look so easy!

Here is what I have for now:

I must practice the background much more, and the tree in the forground is a bit to animated. The grass is also too blended.

Tim Gagnon is hosting a contest :  Link
I still have a few days to practice before deciding if I can paint something good enough to participate with. There are soo many artist in the contest that are much better than me. That sucks, right? Someone is always better. The chinese says that it is better to always be number 2. That keeps you up on your toes :-)