March 30, 2012

New project: Many artists are making one doll!

I am participating in a new and exciting project. We are 7 different dollmakers from both Denmark and Sweden, which makes a part of eachothers doll. Sound exciting? It is! Let me explain: We all make a dollhead, and sends it off to another in the project, whom makes hands and feets, and sends it off to the third person, whom makes the body and so on. In some months my dollhead, according to our plan, will return to me, and I will get to have a doll, that so many have contributet in making!

Now, we just started, and this is my head:

I used a foamball and some paperclay (LaDoll), acrylic eyes and som "Decor Lack" from Marabu. Now I will send it off to Hannemette I hope she will give it some cool hands and feet :-)

By the way, something sad happened today :-( I had to take my beloved furfriend Merlin to the vet. He made some weird choking sounds and smelled like a dead bird in decay :-) I got really scared but the vet put him under seduction and took a look in his mouth. Nothing stuck in there, but he had a big red wound on his tongue... Thank God, just some virus infection!! The vet gave us some painkillers and some pencilin, and in a week he will be back to normal. I am so happy! It totally freaked me out to see his weird behaviour. I also got a bit sad, because I now realize that he accually tried to tell me, but I didn´t understand... He would sit on my lap and look me in the eye, making those sounds and refuse to eat... Poor little thing. I didn´t understand untill today, after he refused to eat his favorite snack! Then I phoned the vet at once!
Here he is, still a bit sleepy:

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