March 21, 2012

New cloth doll book

I just got back from a nice visit in Norway, and the mailman had delivered a parcel while I was out of town! I ordered " Anatomy of a doll" by Susanna Oroyan after a fellow dollartist kindly recomended me to read it, after reading about my  struggles with the cloth doll design.

I read a lot on the internet, but somehow, it is really nice to own the book, right? I usually order the cheapest one, and very often I buy used books too. Recently I recieved an old artdollbook with original sketches made by the former owner! I just love that!  
Very well, just wanted to share this very good book! It will help me figure out all the well kept secrets that other cloth doll artist know and use. 
My next book purchase must be this;

The Faemaker by Dawn Schiller. It comes out in August 2012. I must find a way to get that one signed :-)

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