March 09, 2012

New cat

I love to sculpt cats. They are graceful and funny at the same time. I have so much enjoyment just by silently observing my own three cats. Yesterday my Merlin came running inn from the garden, with a wild look in his eyes. I could tell he wasn´t present in there at all. He was lost in a wild bird chase, and he still had the bird (Blackbird) and half of the branch in his mouth!!! I chased him around the house, up and down the stairs armed with a waterspray and a broom, while he was growling with his mouth full of feathers and leafs......
Oh my God - I felt terrible for that bird. I love Blackbirds. They sing so beautifully. At the end I chased him out of the house, and closed the door after him. He then arranged himself outside my window in the studio, and guarded his pray for a long time, growling and spinning.
OKAY! I know I must understand the nature´s way, and I also know that possibly the bird was a gift for me (some experts say, that´s right!), but I hate it when cats do that. I get hysterical and feel like kicking the cat´s bum all the way out of my house... Later the same evening we kissed and made up. (But I still could smell the bird...) Here´s a pic of the rascal:
Merlin The Grey, the big birdhunter.

But I was to tell you a little about the new sculpt :-) Okay, it is made from paperclay. Eyes are acrylic from Hong Kong, and it is painted with bright acrylic colors. It also got a matt varnish, but somehow it is still a bit glossy. I was going for a stray allycat-look. I really liked it befor the painting including the eyes, but something happened after the painting... I still like it and are willing to show it here on the blog, but there is something wrong.... and I think it is the plastic eyes. Somehow I always end up with being irritated when I use them. They signal.... plastic! What do you think? 

The sculpt was a fullmoon gift for my beloved. We celebrate our love on every fullmoon. Yesterday we went to the cinema and saw the movie "War Horse". WE cried a little and enjoyed it very much, especially the part where a english soldier and a german soldier, in the middle of the warfield under a white flag, cooperates in removing all the barbwire from the bleeding horse. That was beautiful. 

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