January 16, 2012

Cloth doll pattern and designs

I love cloth dolls, don´t you?
It is such a pleasure to sew fabrics together and enjoy different textiles, patterns and colors. In my head I have so many different dolls that I want to make, but I am struggeling with some decisions that I need to make first:
The cloth dolls head! How do I sew it in shape? How do I make the eggshaped rounded head? I found several free patterns on the web but somehow they don´t work. The head simply doesn´t turn out the way I want... Let me illustrate:

See the head? It is kinda flat, wide and not eggshaped at all. 
I want my doll to look like this: 

Then I found a similar cloth doll on the web: 


I like this design. I want mine to look a little like this one, as you see from my sketch, but I still find it hard to decide on the head. It should also be quite big, because I am a little inspired by the big-eyed anime style. 

Well, I also thought about modelling her head in paperclay or polymer clay and simply put that head on the cloth dolls body, but I think that it will look too funny. Why don´t just sculpt the entire body in clay then, right? There is a third possabiliy though: I could make a cloth doll head, and put a face on made from paperclay, just like a mask. I did the same thing in the past, and it is quite nice: 

I could work on with this idea... 


  1. Ihave loved dolls my whole life.Ialso remember being up to finish a project.You sure do beautiful work.I hope to learn alot from you.

    1. Hi Karen - thank you very much for that kind remark. -Ann

  2. Gosto muito de bonecas e estou sempre sempre buscando inspiração e idéias. Suas postagens são muito bonitas! Obrigada!