August 20, 2012

A very nice gift from my husbands family

I got married a couple of months ago, and my husbands family gave us this fun gift that I want to share with you. They took us to my favorite potter, and they all decorated a mug! They are all different, with flowers, stars, names and drawings. This was a very nice gift, and I will drink coffee and the with a smile from them.

There were only one thing missing: I would have love the fact that my oldest daughter and my mother also had made one each. We talked to the potter Marianne Strube  if it could be possable to make one more, but unfortunately it wasn´t. The process of making the mug, letting it dry and let Michelle come and decorate it when it was ready was to complicated and expensive. That made me sad. 
I will find a way though to have a mug from both my daughter and my mother, and use them along the others. 

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